Model Reading

mother reading with young child

When your kids are starting to read, it's important to model reading to them. Get in the habit of reading at a certain time every day. My brother reads three small books to his son before bedtime every night. They sit down in the same place every night and read two of the same books. Vince gets to pick the third book to switch things up. Brian reads out loud to him, even though he's 7. The modelling helps.

Get Caught Reading

man reading with young child

As a parent, you probably already know that children tend to mimic their mum and dad. If you have a phone, they want to talk on it. If you're putting on make-up or shaving your face, they want to do it too. The same goes for reading. Let your children catch you reading often. If you're reading, they may get a book and sit down next to you to read!

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Read to Toddlers

young little girl reading her book

Even though toddlers can't read yet, they can get in the habit of reading. You can't just expect a school-aged child to get in the habit of loving books if they've never cracked one open! If you start them young, they'll grow up just thinking reading is a part of life. Read small and festive books to toddlers every day. Leave them with the toys so your children associate them with fun.

Get New Books Often

six children holding books and laying in circle

An exciting part of my childhood was getting new books to read. I didn't really love to read the same books over and over again. But when a new book came around, I was all over it. My mum used to take me to the library on school breaks to pick out new books. And I remember getting a few new books every year for Christmas. The novelty of new books made me more excited to read.